Ordering Books & Supplies for Online Courses
using The College of Westchester’s Online Bookstore



1) In your browser, go to
Note that you’ll want to a copy of your schedule handy, since you’ll need to refer to course codes.

2) Create an account
(if you have not already done so):

·       The first time you access the bookstore, you should create an account Click on the MY ACCOUNT button in the upper right hand corner of the screen (on a phone, click the MENU button then look for “My Account”).

·       You will see a form where you will need to enter a User Name, Email Address, Password, and Confirm the Password (you can use any available user name and whatever email address you wish, just be sure to remember it!).

·       You will get a confirming email informing you that your account is ready to use (often within a few hours, but submissions after hours and on weekends will be approved by the next business day).

·       You only need to do this once – as long as you remember your credentials, you can use them to order books in future terms.

3) Ordering Books:

·       Click the TEXTBOOK LOOKUP button at the top of the screen (on a phone, click the MENU button then look for “Textbook Lookup”).

·       There are two ways to find your books. You can “drill down” to find your books by course, or can use the search function to search for a Title or ISBN number.


o   First, click on the Academic Term (“Fall I Online”, for example).

o   Then click on the applicable Academic Department. Courses in your major will probably be listed under your department, and general courses may be under “GEN” or “ACE”.

o   After clicking on the Department, you will see a list of courses offered in that Department in the current term. Looking at your schedule, click on the appropriate course. You will then see one or more sections listed - click on yours (if there is more than once section, look for the one that has the teacher that is listed on your schedule).

o   You will then see the Required Materials for the course listed. If Used Books are available, you will see an option to purchase them used (you may also see some options re: rentals, etc., but those are not yet functional – we’re working to make these options available to you soon).

o   Check the purchase option you want and then click ‘Add to Cart’.

         TO USE THE SEARCH TOOL: Look for the search bar on the top of the page, and enter part of the book title, or the book’s ISBN no. Press enter, then scroll through the results to see if what are searching for is there. 

4) Ordering other supplies:

You will see a menu on the left hand side of the site (if on phone look for “Categories” in red in the Menu). Use the menu to locate and select other supplies you might wish to include in your order.

5) Checking out:

Once you have something in your Shopping Cart, you will see a shopping cart option displayed. At any time you can click View Cart or Checkout. Once you click Check Out, you will have to validate your shipping and delivery address, select your shipping option, provide payment information, and review and submit your order. You should receive an email confirming your order within 5 minutes or so of submission. Once your order is shipped, you will also get an email notification.


First, check out the FAQs. If your question isn’t answered there, you can call 914 831-0423 for assistance during Bookstore Hours (hours are available under Academic Service Offices in the CW Everywhere mobile App, or at - Bookstore). You can also use the Contact Form above to reach out. Thank you!”